Upper School Director’s Note: January 31, 2013

By January 31, 2013Upper School

It has long been Park Tudor’s philosophy that a partnership between home and school is essential to the academic success and overall health and happiness of our students. We hope that a shared commitment between school and home, built on shared values, allows this partnership to thrive.

We share in your desire to keep our children safe, and the school will continue to make every effort to provide activities that encourage safe fun with peers. For example, the school plans extracurricular events as well as one major dance each quarter for students to enjoy. Beyond these events, the school provides our children with information on the physiological and social risks involved in using alcohol and drugs. We do this through the curriculum, in advisory, and in assemblies. In addition to extracurricular and curricular events for our students, the school hosts a monthly Parent Group (check the school calendar) led by school psychologist Lisa Mercurio, which provides parents with a forum to discuss the issues of raising teens in today’s world.

In the spirit of this partnership, we hope that you will continue to provide safe opportunities for your children to socialize outside of school. At the last Parent Council meeting, the members asked that I review with parents some helpful hints to ensure safety when hosting parties.

  • We ask that parents avoid hosting a party following a school dance, as this seems to encourage the students to leave at the earliest moment from a dance that many people had spent time in planning.
  • We encourage you to review “Be in the Know,” a piece the US Parent Council put together a couple of years ago that provides parents with tips on handling the party scene.
  • At the end of this letter are just a handful of the links available that may provide you with additional information.

Our partnership is important, particularly when the safety of our children is concerned. Together, we can make a difference to provide safe opportunities for your children.

See you on campus,

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