SOS – Youth Suicide Prevention

By February 2, 2017A Word on Wellness

By Karen Fritchley, School Psychologist – Middle School

Is it spring, yet?! The winter months can be a very challenging time for students, parents and teachers as less daylight hours and cold temperatures appear to be endless. Historically, this month has been a time when the Park Tudor counseling team, consisting of school counselors and psychologists, pay special attention to the mental health of the community. Activities are organized in an effort to elevate the overall mood at each division. In addition, faculty and students receive education on the warning signs of suicide. A program that has been found to be effective in delivering this message to Middle and Upper School students is the SOS: Signs of Suicide Prevention Program.

This program gives our students a “depression check-up” as well as the knowledge to recognize depression and respond effectively.

The program highlights the relationship between depression and suicide, teaching that most often suicide is a fatal response to a treatable condition – depression. Through the SOS program, faculty and students learn about depression, suicide and the associated risks of substance abuse. SOS teaches the action steps individuals should take if they experience the signs of depression or suicide within themselves or observe these signs in a friend – ACT:
Acknowledge your friend has a problem
tell the person you Care
and Tell a trusted adult.

The counseling team sees the success of the program through healthier and better-educated students and faculty who are prepared to address mental health issues in our school community. By Park Tudor’s continued participation in this program, we have made a commitment to protect our students by identifying who may be at risk for mental health problems, and encouraging help-seeking and appropriate treatment.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school counselor or psychologist in your division.