Summer with Spoleto Study Abroad in Italy

By Heather Teets, Director of Fine Arts

‘Traveling makes one modest, you see the tiny space you occupy in the world.’ ~ Gustave Flauber

For the past 18 years, Park Tudor has joined a number of independent schools across the country to support and participate in the Spoleto Study Abroad program. Students from more than 16 schools in the consortium come together each summer to form a collaborative community to deeply explore the rich cultural heritage of central Italy while fostering individual artistic, intellectual and personal growth.

For three weeks students learn first-hand what it means to live and be a citizen of the world while making connections in the disciplines of vocal music, instrumental music, visual arts, photography, filmmaking, drama and creative writing. The program encourages students to grow academically, artistically and personally while honing skills of autonomy, mastery and purpose in their chosen discipline. Living and studying in Spoleto – an environment rich with history, art and natural beauty – is often a profoundly transformative experience for those who are yearning to take creative risks.

Students also enjoy the opportunity to develop meaningful interactions and work closely with talented faculty and motivated peers from around the world. In addition to developing their artistic talent in the enriching hands-on studio workshops and classes, students enjoy day trips twice a week to cities in Umbria and Tuscany.

Though the faculty of Spoleto Study Abroad live and teach in programs all over the country, they frequently collaborate throughout the year. This past weekend, the Park Tudor Visiting Artist Series sponsored a vocal concert and masterclass with Dr. Terry Rhodes (Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Fine Arts and Humanities at UNC-Chapel Hill) who also teaches vocal music in Spoleto.

Dr. Rhodes led a superb vocal masterclass where participants and audience members learned a great deal on a variety of techniques and specific tips for vocalists to apply to their repertoire. The format of the masterclass provided students an opportunity to experience the type of individualized instruction and experiential learning that is central to the Spoleto Study Abroad program.

For additional information on the Spoleto Study Abroad program, please contact me at or 317-415-2939. Applications for the summer 2017 program are due February 20.

Following are some videos that will give you a sense of the program:

Spoleto Overview
Creative Writing
Visual Art
Day trip to Siena

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