Global Online Academy Courses 2017-18

By Jamey Everett, Global Online Academy Coordinator and LS Technology Integrator

Preparations for the 2017-18 Global Online Academy (GOA) school year are nearly complete! The GOA is a consortium of leading independent schools around the world, dedicated to replicating in online classrooms the intellectually rigorous programs and excellent teaching that are hallmarks of its member schools. Beginning Friday, February 17, Upper School students may request courses for the 2017-18 school year. Official enrollment starts April 11, so now is the time for students to consider whether a GOA course is right for them.

A course catalog is now available online and includes some of the most popular courses like “Architecture,” “Entrepreneurship in a Global Context,” and “Medical Problem Solving.” In addition, some exciting new and returning courses are offered as well, including “Social Psychology” and “Power: Redressing Inequity Through Data.” Requests can be made by students, directly from the online course catalog.

All Global Online Academy students work towards mastery of six core competencies:

  1. Collaborate with peers who are not sitting with them on campus.
  2. Communicate and empathize with people living in areas of the world that are culturally different from their own.
  3. Leverage their curiosity to curate and create content that is relevant to real-world issues.
  4. Reflect on and take responsibility for their learning and that of others in an open forum.
  5. Organize their time and tasks to become independent learners.
  6. Interpret assignments and express themselves using a variety of learning tools.

These skills are essential to succeed in a complex, networked world.

While students in grades 9-11 may apply, rising seniors and juniors will receive priority. Students may only take one GOA course per semester. GOA courses are part of a student’s regular course of study and should not be viewed as additions to their course load. Students and parents should understand that GOA courses are rigorous and time intensive, requiring 6-8 hours per week of course time and homework preparation. Therefore, while a number of qualities will be considered in determining student enrollment in a GOA course, special consideration will be given to a student’s overall course of study; demonstrated academic success; ability to work independently and to meet deadlines; and general academic maturity. Students must discuss their schedule, and the inclusion of a GOA course, with their advisors. Final decisions regarding enrollment will be based on a student’s past record and potential for success in a GOA course.

For more information about Global Online Academy, please contact Jamey Everett.

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