Lower School Science

Six principles of a Park Tudor education

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By Peter Kraft, Associate Head of School for Academic Affairs In October I shared with you some of the seminal questions that will shape our school’s future. These questions included: What should learning look like at Park Tudor in the future? What should we keep? What should we change? Even more specifically, I noted that we as a community must examine a number of related questions: How do we continue to create “signature” experiences and…

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Exploring Education

The Power of High Expectations for Students and Schools

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By Peter A. Kraft, Associate Head for Academic Affairs In August I shared with you the work of Psychologist Carol Dweck, whose research on “mindsets” has helped to shape our ongoing dialogue about teaching and learning at Park Tudor. For me, one of Dweck’s most important points is the impact of cognitive perception—that is, how one sees oneself—and others—in relation to learning. Recently, a report on National Public Radio (NPR) detailed the profound effects that teachers’…

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Lower School education

A Signature Lower School Education

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By Debbie Dominguez, Director of the Lower School Park Tudor’s Lower School (junior kindergarten through grade 5) is uniquely designed to focus on the whole child. Classrooms are heterogeneously grouped to provide students opportunities each day to learn and work with a diverse community of learners with varied skills and talents. The small class sizes (15-19 students) enable the teacher to know the students very well and to create flexible groupings within the classroom to…

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Alarm clock

True Grit: Perseverance Impacts Success

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By Debbie Everett, Director of the Upper School Recently I was paid a visit by one our alumni who graduated in the early 1990s. He was home from New York, where he now lives, and was showing his girlfriend around campus. It was invigorating to see the excitement as he showed his friend those special places on campus that held fond memories for him. This former student still remembered his journey at Park Tudor. I…

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Head of School Matthew Miller

Building and Sustaining a Diverse, Inclusive and Equitable Community

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By Dr. Matthew D. Miller, Head of School How does a school ensure that it builds and sustains a diverse, inclusive and equitable community? Park Tudor was fortunate to recently welcome Dr. Gene Batiste, vice president of Equity and Justice Initiatives at the National Association of Independent Schools, to work with our faculty on that question. His visit, which builds on the work the school has already accomplished in this area, reflects our school mission,…

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