Conclusion of NAIMUN LV

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Our time at NAIMUN LV Georgetown has come to a close. Park Tudor delegates have enjoyed four days of diligent committee work tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Students particularly enjoyed befriending delegates from other schools from around the country and globe.

Many thanks must be extended to Mr. Smith and Mr. Scott for all of their work organizing and supporting Park Tudor Model United Nations.

Congratulations to Jasper MacLean, winner of the Outstanding Delegate award for his work in the NAIMUN Press Corps.


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Today has been another long day filled with inspiring speakers, intense committee work, and social engagement. Students started the morning listening to Amani Osman, a young woman with extensive experience in the non-profit and social entrepreneurship sectors. She currently works for the American Red Cross as the Knowledge Management Specialist, with experience working for GOAL Ireland, the World Bank, and the Young African Leaders Initiative. Ms. Osman implored students to engage with social challenges they see around the world, particularly emphasizing her experiences working in Sudan. Ms. Osman articulated the complex balance that NGOs must maintain as they seek to help marginalized populations without causing harm or perpetuating cycles that marginalize populations in the first place.

With that great challenge, students headed off to two more extensive committee sessions. Many students took leadership roles in defense of their draft resolutions, fielding many inquiries and challenges from other delegates with ease.

For a few of our students, the day started just after 1 AM, as NAIMUN LV Secretariat representatives welcomed Aaron Chai, Max Bott, Leo Helman, Matt Fu, and Cy Orentlicher to participate in crisis committee session from 1 – 3 AM. Those students were excused from the morning speaker session to account for the late night solving a number of crises.

Students look forward to their final committee session, closing ceremonies, and returning to Indianapolis for a well-deserved spot of rest before they return to school Tuesday.

48 Hours in Georgetown

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The Park Tudor NAIMUN LV Delegation certainly has had a busy 48 hours! Students discussed their anticipated committee work and positions as they anxiously awaited our departure from the Indianapolis airport. Upon arrival, students enjoyed a glance at the Lincoln memorial and the musical stylings of DJ Fumu on the bus ride to the hotel and conference center. After registration, students had time for a quick lunch in the immediate vicinity of the conference center, enjoying many superb offerings along Connecticut Ave.

Back in flash, students started the conference with meetings on the workings of parliamentary procedure and crisis committees. U.S. Ambassador Stephen Mull opened the conference Thursday evening, imploring students to think globally and collaboratively about the variety of challenges they would face in their respective committees.

Immediately after the conclusion of opening ceremonies, students launched into debate and discussion in the first committee session. Students were very impressed with the caliber and competitive nature of the delegates in their committees, but met the challenge while maintaining the PT collaborative spirit. After a long day of travel and committee work, students were more than ready to retire to their rooms at the conclusion of the first committee meeting.

Friday morning began with a visit to the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for the PT Delegation. The students were quite impressed with the hospitality of the embassy staff, as they ensured we had plenty of snacks and caffeinated beverages for our time in the conference room. Students engaged in an extensive dialogue with Mr. Rizwan Saeed Sheikh, the Deputy Chief of Mission for the embassy. Mr. Sheikh has devoted his adult life to diplomacy and civil service, serving as a diplomat for Pakistan for over two decades. Highlights of his career including leadership in the Organization for Islamic Cooperation and serving as the lead negotiator at the G-77 summit.

Mr. Sheikh encouraged the students to engage cooperatively and collaboratively with their peers during the conference. He expressed that this experience is the closest to the actual work of career civil servants and diplomats that he has seen in his experience. Even if students were not inspired to join the foreign service for their countries, the skills they refine as they participate in Model UN conferences – critical thinking, analyzing, careful listening, negotiating, reaching compromise – transcend boundaries of mere extracurricular activities and will be essential skills regardless of the career paths they choose. He emphasized the need to balance multilateral diplomacy with bilateral diplomacy in all situations, giving the students a brief glimpse into the embassy’s work negotiating the relationship between the United States and Pakistan. Students were extremely knowledgeable about many of Mr. Sheikh’s references in no small part thanks to their exposure to the country in their history courses and previous Model UN experience.

Students raced to committee sessions immediately upon our return to the conference center to start finalizing their working papers. Many students took leadership roles in the discussion process and presentation of working papers to their committees.

After nine hours of work in committee sessions, students were ready for a social evening at the Hilltop Madness event. Highlights included gathering over ice cream and meeting just of few of the ove 3,300 delegates from around the U.S. and world.