Preview or review for homework?

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For the last few weeks, the second grade team has been experimenting with flipped instruction: posting a content related video on their blogs and assigning it for homework BEFORE in-class instruction begins. Students make a comment on the post to show they watched the video. The team’s not doing it every week, but the word on the street is that parents and kids LOVE it; the team is noticing how it’s changing their instruction. How is…

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Project CyberSafe

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What is Cyberbullying? This was one of the questions that was answered by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office representatives when they spoke to students and parents recently at Park Tudor’s Parent Technology Empowerment Series in October. Here are some tips from the Marion County Prosecutor’s office on What You Can Do: Monitor your children’s online activity. Advise, assist and account for online activity. Ask to see who they are “friends with” online. Encourage children to Stop,…

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Typing Skills in the Lower School

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Even with all the changes we see in technology, keyboarding is still recognized as an important skill to develop and practice. Students in the Lower School use their school devices (iPads and Chromebooks) for creating, collaborating, communicating, and investigating – typing with accuracy, efficiency, and using the correct technique makes writing much easier and more productive. Below is a list of websites that may help build typing skills. Above all else, students should focus on…

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Moving from Toy to Tool: How our youngest learners use the devices

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In our home, the family laptop and tablet are used for entertainment. Our kids, ages three and five, think they’re toys. They get to play games, some more educational than others, and watch videos. The devices are an activity during long flights or quiet time after school. The tablet often magically appears during a long wait at a restaurant. And in my conversations with students in the Lower School, the technology is primarily used for…

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